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About Us

About World Photo Location - About Us

World Photo Locations is one of the best photography blogs here in the Netherlands. It has been around since 2015 and has been sharing some of the most engaging, meaningful, deep, and vibrant photos.

We share different stories behind the photographs we and our community share. We also educate the next generation of photographers that will carry on the torch and tell their own stories using their perspective and of course, camera lens.

Fennie Kalf

Fennie Kalf started the blog back in 2015 to share some photos she took in Rotterdam. She captured several photos of the cityscape. Each photo telling a different story about something, somewhere or someone.

Kalf initially was a counsellor that focused on mental health. She has a degree in Psychiatry, and she has been practising it for at least a decade. But ever since she was a kid, Kalf loved taking photos.

Ever since she picked up a camera,starting with her father’s old polaroid, she knew how to look at a subject and capture it. Upon growing up, she taught herself how to take great photos and every piece of element behind the craft.

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